Limerick Bike Week 2020

One of the first rural shared road spaces in Ireland can be found in Lough Gur, County Limerick. To celebrate Limerick Bike Week 2020 cyclists from all over Limerick, in socially distanced groups, cycled to Lough Gur on September 20th to sail on two wheels along this newly upgraded route leading from Holycross directly to the lakefront of Lough Gur. The biggest supporters for this Lough Gur Limerick Bike Week event came from the Southside Wheely Wheelers cycling club and local cycling enthusiasts.

This improved shared road space route was recently upgraded, speed limits reduced and marked as a shared road space for cars, pedestrians, and cyclists. The work was funded by the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Scheme and Limerick City & County Council, supported by Lough Gur Development in recognition of the importance of cycling and its related benefits for helping to care for our environment, health, and fitness. A return journey from Holycross to the lakefront is 8km in total making this a leisurely and enjoyable spin for all people. On the Lough Gur Limerick Bike Week event day, Cllr Brigid Teefy joined the cyclists as an active supporter and advocate for the community of Lough Gur. Cllr Teefy is working on additional shared road space improvements to ensure it is safe for everyone to enjoy.

This meandering shared roadway offers spectacular views for those who take the time to cycle through this idyllic countryside setting. Lough Gur offers all visitors a clear window into the cycle of life, as the only site in all of Ireland where you can see visible evidence of humankind from the very beginning of human settlement to modern day times. The area of Lough Gur is also home to a rich and varied environment as a registered wildfowl sanctuary along with over 1,000 monuments in a 5km radius. En-route cyclists can stop at the many monuments dotted along the way marking the life of early ancestors to present day improvers. Highlights along the route include the medieval Carrig Aille Stone Forts, 15th Century Teampall Nua and megalithic Wedge Tomb, culminating in a grand arrival to Lough Gur Lakeshore Park & amenity area.

At this point cyclists will be welcomed at the newly installed visitor information point kiosk specialising in the delivery of environmental information. This new café hatch visitor unit is perfectly located at the entrance point area to help all who visit to enjoy Lough Gur and the many attractions and activities on offer not only in Lough Gur but across Limerick. The new kiosk unit offers a way for the staff in Lough Gur to offer information, coffee and refreshments in a way that complies with current restrictions. On Sunday 20th Lough Gur cyclists and all visitors were also welcomed to visit the Lough Gur Solstice Park playground, newly opened since July 2020, and the hillside Heritage Centre overlooking the lake water. Lough Gur is open all year round and welcomes you to explore all that there is to offer. Guided tours available with further information on