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What can I learn?

The “Dark Sky Project” segment of our website is an educational tool which we are happy to make freely available to everyone, which can be accessed directly by students or as an inspirational teaching guide for the classroom. Our project extends well beyond the stars to numerous disciplines including:

  • Archaeoastronomy
  • Understanding Lunar & Solar orbits.
  • Learning about the seasons
  • Data Analytics
  • Ecology and Impact of Light on Flora & Fauna
  • Astrophotography
  • Human Wellbeing

Photo credit: Paul Ryan

Lough Gur Patron, Apollo 15 Astronaut, Al Worden answers questions from eager students on Dark Skies, Space Travel and his mission to the moon at a Lough Gur STEM education event organised in partnership with Bank of Ireland Workbench.

Using our Data & Ideas for Students

We welcome you to use our interactive online analytics tools from Tableau Public. Or indeed download our data for your own analysis with your tools of choice. Here are some ideas for class room projects when using our data:

  • Finding the pattern & impact of Lunar Orbits
  • Look for the impact of the Earth’s spins and orbit around the sun.
  • Comparing seasonal numbers by day, month or quarter.
  • Select a single day and see if you can determine what is happening that day.
  • Understanding the impact of city lighting, the moon, clouds and sun on our light readings.
  • How does our data support what we know about our planet?

We encourage you to explore, play and find new answers in our data.