A special Space week event with Limerick entrepreneur Cyril Bennis with Patron of Lough Gur Development & NASA astronaut  Col. Al Worden and moderated by space enthusiast and science presenter Dr. Niamh Shaw. Millennium Theatre, LIT, Wednesday October 5th 8pm. What does it take to achieve your dreams?

It’s the 1960’s and in Limerick, Cyril Bennis is sitting in class as a man walks in that changes the course of his life forever. That man was John Glenn, NASA astronaut and the very first American to orbit the earth. Meanwhile, across the Atlantic ocean, as Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins are about to land on the moon, fighter pilot and young NASA astronaut Al Worden watches in the sidelines and wonders if his time will ever come.
He didn’t have to wait long because in 1971 Colonel Worden, orbited the moon as part of NASA’s iconic Apollo programme. And thanks to that fateful school visit, Cyril will be one of the first Irish people to orbit earth on XCor’s commercial spacecraft Lynx II in the coming months.
Join Dr. Niamh Shaw presenter and fellow wannabe astronaut, as she chats with space tourist Cyril Bennis and NASA Astronaut and Patron of Lough Gur Development Al Worden as they tell their story of getting to space, sharing personal archival footage and photography, the sacrifices they have made, their highs and lows, their strong Limerick connections and the significance of seeing the earth from a distance.
A family event for space enthusiasts of all ages, DREAM BIG celebrates national Space week and Limerick’s involvement in space exploration past, present & future  which will encourage us to never give up on our dreams.
DREAM BIG is created by Dr. Niamh Shaw, Limerick Institute of Technology, Lough Gur Heritage Centre, and CIT Blackrock Castle Observatory as part of national Space Week 2016.

Further details at: www.spaceweek.ie/sessions/cyril-bennis-space-tourist/
Event details: DREAM BIG at Millennium Theatre, Limerick Institute of Technology, Wednesday, October 5th, 8pm.

Tickets €5.

Booking: LITMT@lit.ie or call 061 293190