Join us in Lough Gur Heritage Centre on Saturday 24th of November 2018 at 2pm for a FREE talk about Mars by European Space Agency news reporter Ruth McAvinia. This event is supported by Science Foundation Ireland and Blackrock Castle Observatory.

Ruth comes from Drogheda and studied Drama and Irish at Trinity College Dublin before going into broadcasting. She worked as a reporter at Newstalk and RTE but developed a passion for science and science communication and re-trained at the Open University and the International Space University. She now works with ATG-Europe as a News Editor for the European Space Agency. She loves space, stormchasing, travelling and reading books. A social media addict, Ruth got to see the final space shuttle launch as a guest at the NASA Social in July 2011. In her spare time, she teaches English and humanities at the International Space University and watches a lot of television. She lives in Leiden, in the Netherlands and has also lived in France, Germany, and the UK.

On the day, Ruth will discuss Mars as a topic which is particularly relevant considering NASA’s Insight Mission is due to land this weekend.

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