Man’s fascination with the stars and his journey to space began over 6000 years ago with the construction of the Great Stone Circle at Grange in County Limerick. It would be the great-grandson of a Lough Gur native, US President John F. Kennedy, who would launch the human space race, by choosing to put a man on the moon.

This year, some 45 years after his historic flight; Al Worden astronaut and patron to Lough Gur, returns to close this circle of history, with a lecture on his historic mission to the moon in 1971.

The Lough Gur Moonshot event combines the multiple timelines which converge at the Great Stone Circle in Grange,. Our event will be anchored by a talk by Apollo 15 astronaut Al Worden who, 45 years ago, made the mementos journey to our nearest celestial neighbour. He is one of only 24 men to have travelled to the moon.

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