This is Lough Gur – The Jewel of an Antique Land” the book was the last publication overseen by Michael Quinlan in the weeks leading up to his final day. Editors included his daughter and Chairperson of Lough Gur Development Áine Barry who worked with Michael over the last number of months to ensure that his memories and accounts of Lough Gur were recorded in this treasured keepsake for future generations.  Additional editors included Chairperson of the Lough Gur Historical Society George Finch, lead tour guide Brian Collopy and Manager of Lough Gur Development Kate Harrold who all brought together the stories, images, songs, poetry and folklore in a handbook format for local and international visitors. However, it was Michael Quinlan who inspired the production of this publication and this new edition is dedicated to him in recognition of his outstanding contribution to Lough Gur.

The community of Lough Gur Development now treasures the new publication “This is Lough Gur”  as it contains elements pertaining to Lough Gur that Michael considered most important to preserve. Michael Quinlan gave a lifetime to Lough Gur – his outdoor classroom and inspiration for many of his published works; for this the community and all who knew him will be forever grateful.

Note: This is Lough Gur – The Jewel of an Antique Land was part funded by Limerick City and County Council and was officially launched by Rose Cleary, Professor of Archaeology from University College Cork and Patron of Lough Gur Development. All proceeds go to Lough Gur Development, a not for profit organisation formed to promote, protect and preserve the area of Lough Gur for local and national visitors in association with state agencies with direct responsibility for the site.


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