gtoursExperienced guides are available to meet large tour groups to help them discover the local monuments and sites – from the Grange Stone Circle built in the Bronze Age to the more recent Bourchier’s Castle built in the early 1600s.

Coach tours are welcome and a number of guides will help ensure that an enjoyable day is had by all. Meals and refreshments can be booked in the local pub for those who wish to spend a number of hours in the locality. All the guides are passionate about the magic and history of the area and this passion is evident in their sharing of local knowledge, whether it be folklore, archaeology or history. Prepare to be enchanted by the tale of the Earl Gearoid Iarla who is condemned to ride the waters of the lake every seven years until the silver shoes on his white horse wear out, marvel at how our ancestors moved hundreds of tonnes of stone to built the largest stone circle in Ireland at Grange or listen to the wonderful music of Teampall Nua commemorating Thomas Connellan poet harper who is buried in New Church close to the shores of Lough Gur. Group tours are available to all – whether historical societies, active retirement groups, tour operators etc.

Please contact 061 385186