The Lough Gur Wellbeing Day will take place on Saturday February 18th due to a sell out Wellbeing Day on March 25th 2017. This is the perfect way to take time out just for you. The day is open to beginners and all ages,  absolutely no need to be able to touch your toes! Places limited to 25 to allow for maximum comfort and enjoyment.

9.45am – Registration
10am: Start the morning with Yoga led by Maggie May O’ Callaghan
11 am:  The Healing Power of Nature with Phil Ryan
12 noon: Alexander Technique for everyday living presented by Niall Kelly
1pm: Healthy lunch
1 2.30pm: Reach Your True Potential presented by Geraldine Lyons from Breaking Beyond 
2.30 – 3.30pm: Food For Life with dietitian Èva Hill including refreshment break
3.30 – 4.30pm: Meditation walk with Maggie O’ Callaghan
Ticket price:€70 including refreshments and a healthy lunch. To book contact Eileen on 061 385186 or email
Please advise on any special dietary requirements when reserving your tickets.

Niall Kelly, M.Sc(Mgnt), MIITD ISATT, has been professionally involved in implementing change at individual, team and organisational levels throughout his career.

He has worked extensively in communications, organisation development, human resources management, industrial relations, training and executive coaching, fulfilling critical assignments in a wide range of organisations. He also teaches on the IMI diploma programmes in Operations and Manufacturing and on the MBA programme in the University of Limerick.

Niall is also a qualified Alexander Technique teacher. Uniquely, he incorporates the Technique into his executive, team and organisational work. He works with a growing number of individuals and groups including executives, trainers, teachers and performers.

Niall works with members of the community of Benedictine Monks in Glenstal Abbey, Murroe, Co Limerick. He also teaches the Technique as an aid to developing spirituality on courses run in Glenstal and other spiritual centres. He teaches the Alexander Technique to students on the MA programme in Chant and Ritual Song in University of Limerick

Phil Ryan

I currently live and work from my own Health & Wellness centre in Clarina, County Limerick. I am qualified in the following disiplins  Physical Therapy,  Sports injuries & Rehabilitationqualified as a Massage Therapist, Reflexologist and work as a Reiki (Usui) Master, IET Master & Teacher.   I have qualified as an advanced Energy Medicine Practitioner in both BodyTalk and Accunet modalities, which combine Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture, Reiki, Osteopathy, Cranio Sacral, Sacred Geometry and applied Maths in their respective modalities.  I also practise & teach Meditation as a Healthy mind promotes a Healthy body. As life is a journey and an experience constantly being expanded and enriched – I have added the modality of Phytobiophysics to my practise and my life as it is a vibrational energy medicine based on the healing properties of Plants, Trees & Crystals which I combine with Energy Medicine, Nutrition, Physical therapy to help balance & empower people back to full physical & Mental wellness.


Maggie May O’ Callaghan

Maggie May trained in Rishikesh, India to teach Hatha and Vinyasa Flow Yoga. This yoga promotes the gentle flow of movement through poses in synchrony with breath.

“My practice is enriched by my training in UL as a Psychotherapist and Psychologist.Through my class I hope to empower people to establish a sense of connection from breath to the movement of one’s bodies which extends to a sense of connection with the people around us – crucial attributes of mental wellness. I currently teach in AG Fitness in Bruff and am lucky to have a regular group of yogis. One of the biggest misconceptions about Yoga is that you have to be still and quiet, the opposite is true of our practice. It is rare that I teach a class in which laughter is not featured! I am very excited to be included as part of the line-up for this wellness day and look forward to meeting everyone! My class is open to beginners and all ages,  absolutely no need to be able to touch your toes!”

Geraldine Lyons

Breaking Beyond is a Limerick-based coaching and facilitation company which helps Unlock Potential, Power and Possibility. The company is founded on the belief that people are central to change and that little changes make big differences. Our passion lies in bringing out the best in groups and individuals so they can follow their true path in life.

Through her many experiences with clients, Geraldine Lyons recognised that in order to feel truly great one needs to focus on themselves from the inside out.

Geraldine’s interest in the area of self-improvement resulted in the undertaking of a Diploma in Personal and Business Coaching in 2008. This challenging and inspiring course allowed her realise where her true passion and potential lay, resulting in a big change in direction in her life.

In December 2009, Geraldine commenced work within the community providing tailor-made courses for various groups around Limerick, Clare and Cork. Her desire to provide a relevant and vital coaching and facilitation service led to the founding of Breaking Beyond in 2010. She has continued to study Neuro linguistic programming and is a master practitioner in same.

As an experienced facilitator and through her own personal journey, Geraldine has a real empathy around the challenges faced by people seeking to become healthier, happier and more confident. Her natural warmth and openness have enabled Geraldine to inspire clients on both an individual and group level.

Colin Dempsey

A long time student of martial arts, Qi Gong, Tai Chi and Taoism, I teach the transformative power of presence through these practices.

In Qi Gong and Tai Chi, my primary teacher is Sifu Shi De Lon, a 31st generation Shaolin laymonk, who is also a PhD research fellow of medical science. In 2002, I began my training with Shi De Lon and was accepted in 2006 as a Shaolin Laymonk. I was given a Shaolin name Shi Xing Gao which means “aim high”. In Taoist alchemy and Qi Gong I have studied with Barry Spendlove, a senior universal healing Tao instructor, certified by Taoist master Mantak Chia. I teach regularly at various holistic centres in the West of Ireland, in counties Clare, Galway and Mayo. A lot of my work is with active retirement groups, one-to-one training, schools and community groups. I also teach overseas from time to time in Slovakia, Spain and the UK.

Eva Hill

“I hold a diploma with distinction in Nutritional Therapy, and I am currently completing a Masters Degree in Personalized / Functional Nutrition. I practice Functional Medicine in my clinic in Limerick city, this entails finding and addressing root causes of any illness my clients are struggling with, not simply treating the symptoms. Functional medicine recognizes the interconnectedness of our systems and our individuality beyond genetic predispositions. With dietary and lifestyle changes, food supplements and herbal medicines, I tailor a menu plan suited to the individual’s needs and goals. I lecture Nutritional Therapy, act as a consultant with a integrative pharmaceutical company based in the UK and Ireland, and give talks on a wide range of subjects upon request, nationwide. I will talk about our “root”, the digestive system, how it influences our entire body and may be the underlying cause of many chronic illnesses and obesity, which is soon becoming an epidemic of this era.”